Are Your Wrists Hurting When Squatting?

Rick asked…

Hi Mehdi, I’ve changed the position of the bar when i squat. I have dropped it about a bar thinckness lower from looking at yours and other people youtube videos.

Anyway, it kills my wrist. So much so that i have bought supports for my wrists. But when I see SL Member Myles Squatting 180kg with no wrist supports then I think I must be doing something wrong… and I’m only Squating 140kg!

For info I’m 42, 6’2″ and about 94kg. Any words of wisdom you can chuck my way please? A big fan of StrongLifts… Rick

The secret is to support the barbell with your upper-back, not your hands. If you try to hold the weight with your hands, whether you’re doing Back Squats or Front Squats or Cleans, you’re always going to get wrist pain.

So before you put the bar on your back for Squats, take a big breath, lift your chest up and squeeze your shoulder-blades together hard. This position will keep the load off your wrists by providing the bar a solid shelf to rest on.

Note that you should squeeze the bar as hard as you can because this tightens your upper-back more (which locks the bar, is more stable and boosts strength). But you shouldn’t try to hold the weight with your hands.

If you lack shoulder flexibility and have a hunchback because you work behind a desk like me, do the doorway pec stretch, thoracic extrensions and shoulder dislocations. And if you don’t have a lot of muscle in your upper-back yet, just keep doing StrongLifts 5×5, your muscle mass will increase quickly.

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