How Can I Squat If My Groin Hurts?

Here’s a Squat question I received about groin pain:

I have a really bad groin. When I try to Squat or run, a really sharp pain runs through my groin. It’s depressing, haven’t done Squats or Deadlifts for 10 days, and can’t get closer to my soccer goals since I can’t play. So I just skipped Squats & Deads.

I’ve hurt my left groin doing Squats several years ago. In my case it was from doing Squats with a stance that was too wide. I looked at videos of powerlifters Squat with a wide sumo stance, and didn’t get that they Squatted in compression Squat suits. Ended up hurting my groin.

Start by narrowing your stance when you Squat. This will engage your adductors less and allow you to Squat pain-free. So instead of Squatting with your heels shoulder-width apart, go narrower. It also helps to point your feet more in, less than the usual 30°. Deadlifts should be no problem.

What will also help is foam rolling the groin area you hurt hard. I use a harder one made of paperboard. The lacrosse ball can also help. Or put the bar at pelvis height in the bar, and sit on it like sitting on a horse to massage that area.

I recommend staying away from the intuitive stretching as this seems to do more harm than good when you just pulled your groin.

Keep the weights lighter for a while on your Squat, then slowly work your way back up.

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