7 Ways To Gain Rock Hard Muscle

Few guys want to accept the harsh reality – muscle mass is directly related to strength gains. This isn’t just a scientific fact, but also an anecdotal one: legend Arnold Schwarzenegger and his mentor Reg Park could both Deadlift over 700lbs and developed world class physiques as a result.

Few guys understand that pump, soreness, reaching failure and even rep range do NOT matter if you’re not getting stronger. Several of my StrongLifts Members gained more muscle their first 5 months on StrongLifts 5×5 than their 5 previous years doing those silly bodybuilding split routines – while training less!

With 2011 coming closer, I ask you – are you lifting more weight today than at the start of 2010? Are you Squatting more than 6 months ago? Has your Deadlift increased? If not: what the hell have you been doing this year?

To gain muscle mass, you need to increase the resistance systematically by simply adding weight to the bar. This – Progressive Loading – is the real secret to raw muscle gains. Here are the 7 other imperatives…

  1. Barbells
  2. Compounds
  3. Food
  4. Rest
  5. Technique
  6. Consistency
  7. 80/20 rule

Barbells – natural movements, force you to stabilize the weight yourself, allow for heavier weights than dumbbells, and the only way to Squat/Deadlift heavy.

Compounds – allow for heavier weights than isolation exercises because you’re using several muscles at a time, prevent muscle group favoritism.

Food – critical for maximum recovery and growth, eat like a horse first, then get at least 1g/lb of protein per day – and this doesn’t need to come from shakes.

Rest – most guys do way too many exercises and train way too frequently, muscle need rest for growth – less is more.

Technique – you can lift more with proper technique and gain more muscle using a full ROM than with partials because the distance the bar travels is longer.

Consistency – expect, on average, 25 pounds of raw muscle gain your first year of training, you got to be consistent, this is a marathon not a sprint.

Next time I’ll talk about the 80-20 rule. Make sure you share this post with your friends on facebook so they grasp the concept of gaining raw muscle.

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