Diet Lessons from Olympic Athletes

Yesterday I proved you that your training is more important than your diet for lean muscle gains using the example of prison guys. Today I want to give you another example of guys who get muscular using bad diets: Olympic athletes.

One of these athletes has won 14(!) Olympic gold medals…

He’s also been caught smoking marijuana…

They call him the “Baltimore Bullet”…

I’m sure you already know who…

Michael Phelps: 14 times Olympic gold medalist and notorious bad dieter.

So you already know how Michael Phelps trains: he swims. Like, a lot. But what about his diet? Well the NY Post reported in August 2008 that Phelps’ diet consisted mainly of pizzas, pancakes, sugar loaden energy drinks and white bread. You know, the kind of foods that would turn you and me into a fatto.

While I think the NY post is off with their 12,000kcal/day, Michael Phelps isn’t an exception. Olympic athletes are notorious for being bad dieters. They eat junk, they get drunk, they even smoke, but … they win gold medals.

They win gold while you’re stressing about 1 beer.

So I ask you: how can this guy get ripped eating pizzas, pancakes, energy drinks and white bread? Most guys, including me, would turn into lardos eating so much junk. Phelps clearly doesn’t – why? Tell me what you think his secret is in the blog comments, I’ll give you my answer Monday.

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