“The Trainer Said StrongLifts 5×5 Was A Scam. But When I Told Him I Squat 315lb Now, His Jaw Dropped To The Floor”

This success story was shared by StrongLifts Gold Member Troy D. from Ottawa, Ontario inside the private Member-only StrongLift Inner Circle Community. Check how he achieved a 315lb Squat in 5 months flat, at age 42, with StrongLifts 5×5.


Hi, my name is Troy and I’m a software developer living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

I played sports through high school and university (recreational) but stopped after that. I separated from my wife in Winnipeg and moved to Ottawa to get close to my family. I needed something to focus, was very unsatisfied with my fat skinny body, and my dad wanted a workout partner so I joined his gym.

We went 6 days a week for 1 1/2 hrs, working the circuit on the machines and cardio every other day. Results came but who really cared, I knew benching on a machine was not the same as free weights, I knew that the plateau was coming fast. I did this for 3 months always looking over apprehensively at the free weights section.

Then a friend / co-worker mentioned your site and explained the rush he was getting from squats and I looked into it. I bought in immediately. I had some apprehension, but was willing to follow the program for 12 weeks and see. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Before StrongLifts 5×5 I had never squatted, dead lifted, over head pressed or rowed. I had benched and to get a base line I bench 165×5 before starting the program so I had a baseline I was 5’10”, 185lbs.

I am 42 years old, weight fluctuates between 192 and 198lbs. I am on week 23 of strong lifts 5×5 / 3×5. I had my first forced deload of squats at 5×5 315lbs last week (did 2 deloads prior due to bad form and injury).

Current Stats:

  • Squat: 5×5 310lbs
  • Dead Lift: 1×5 365lbs
  • Bench: 3×5 190lbs
  • Overhead Press: 3×5 140lbs
  • Rows: 3×5 190lbs

People know I lift weights now, they can see it immediately. When I show them videos of me DL 365 or squatting 315, they can’t believe it. Funny though, so few want to try it. I don’t know, 0 -315 squat in 5 months, how much more proof do you need that the system works?

I am super confident and feel like a beast in the gym. I know I can lift more then 90% of the trainers there and I am a newbie. My dad received a letter from one of the trainers telling him that Strong Lifts 5×5 is a scam, I told the trainer I squat 315 now and his jaw dropped to the floor.

The strong lifts community helped immensely. In particular Gold Member Gregory R (400lbs squatter), was a huge influence / mentor. Gold Member Chris D. and I are around the same level so we helped motivate each other to keep pushing, as well Gold Member Quinn W. introduced me to the program and helped me find good supporting videos and documentation. They all helped me get past injuries and missing reps. All Gold interviews and Gold news letters helped as well.

I have achieved 2 of my 3 initial goals, 1, 300lb squat, 2 350lb DL and I am 5 lbs away from 3. 200lb bench.

New goals: get to 5×5 330lb squat, 3×5 350 squat, 1×5 370lb squat – then we’ll switch to madcow.

I say anyone can achieve what I have achieved, strong lifts does work, no question. Three keys to my success, the inner circle, being prepared for my workout and, most important, never missing a workout.

Stay Strong, thanks Mehdi, Jake and the inner circle

-StrongLifts Inner Circle Gold Member Troy D.


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