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Whatever the case, welcome! My name is Mehdi. I’m from Belgium. I’ve been lifting weights since 1999. I coach people, and compete as a powerlifter.

I created this website in 2007 because I was fed up with all the confusing information. Lifting weights isn’t as complicated as some make it to be…

Here you’ll find simple, effective tips to lift more weight and get stronger. Over 128 million people have visited this website since 2007. To find out more about me, read my about page.

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These guides have helped thousands of Stronglifters change their bodies and lives. Many coaches and personal trainers have used my training programs and exercise guides for their clients.

  • Stronglifts 5×5. Start with this training program if you’ve never lifted weights before, never did the main exercises, or haven’t lifted weights in a long time.
  • Madcow 5×5. Switch to this program once you’re stuck/bored with Stronglifts 5×5. If you have experience lifting weights, start with this program instead of Stronglifts 5×5.
  • How to Squat. Everything I wish I had known about the Squat when I started lifting 20 years ago. This guide would have saved me a lot of time, frustration and pain!
  • How to Deadlift. The Deadlift is my strongest lift. But I used to hurt my lower back a lot. This guide has everything I’ve learned on how to deadlift without pain.
  • How to Bench Press. The Bench has never come easy to me. Long arms, weak shoulders, it’s always been hard. This guide has all the proper form to bench more efficiently.
  • How to Overhead Press. The #1 exercise people struggle to get stronger at. This is everything I know on how to improve your form so you lift more weight.
  • How to Barbell Row. Simple exercise. Yet confusing to many people. One of the most popular guides on this website. Make sure you take a look.
  • How to Do Pullups, and how to Do Dips. Two of the best accessory exercises you can do to gain upper-body strength and muscle mass.

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