10 Anabolic Diet Mistakes You Must Avoid

The Anabolic Diet works. But only if you follow it as outlined. Here are the 10 most common mistakes people make on the Anabolic Diet. 10 mistakes you must avoid for best results on the Anabolic Diet.

1. Not Eating Enough Fat.
You need fat for energy since you’re not eating carbs for 5 days. Eating fat also promotes fat loss: your body stores less fat if you eat fat constantly. Stop worrying about getting fat: you won’t. Eat your fats.

2. Eating Only When Hungry.
Food is energy for your body. You’ll lack energy if you don’t eat enough. The high fat intake on the Anabolic Diet satiates & makes you full longer. Eat every 3hours, even if you’re not hungry.

3. Quitting Too Soon.
It takes 3-4 weeks to adapt to the Anabolic Diet. You can experience irritability, lack of energy, weakness, diarrhea, etc. Persist. After 3-4 weeks on the Anabolic Diet you’ll feel great.

4. Not Getting Enough Fiber.
Your intestines must adapt to all the meat & fat. Diarrhea & constipation are common during the first weeks. Get 30g fiber daily. 2 tbsp ground flax seeds and lots of green veggies will do.

5. Not Eating Veggies.
You need the fiber content from veggies for a healthy digestive system. Veggies also prevent hunger by filling your stomach. Eat veggies with all meals: spinach, broccoli, cabbage, salad, …

6. Not Varying Meals.
It’s ok to eat the same every day. However don’t eat the same cheese 3x/day. Get variation with each meal and experiment. Check the Anabolic Diet food list. for inspiration.

7. Not Using Spices & Herbs.
You won’t stick to you diet if you don’t enjoy your food. Flavor your meals using as much spices & herbs as you want.

8. Not Eating Red Meat.
Chicken & tuna don’t work on the Anabolic Diet. You need animal fat for its saturated fat. This helps muscle gains, fat loss & keeps your energy high. Eat red meat: hamburgers, steaks, ribs, bacon, …

9. Weekend Junk Food.
Avoid turning weekend carb ups into junk fests. Excess junk food will make you reach the couch. Control your intake of junk food and eat clean carbs: pasta, rice, potatoes, oats, …

10. Gaining/Losing Weight Too Soon.
Give your body 4 weeks to adapt to the Anabolic Diet before you focus on gaining/losing weight. Get your daily caloric needs. Switch to weight gain/loss after 4 weeks.

And the biggest mistake is eating carbs on no carbs days. The Anabolic Diet only works if you apply it as laid out. If you’ve never stuck with a diet, follow the 8 nutrition rules for 12 months before doing the Anabolic Diet.

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