5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Breakfast

Everyone says breakfast is the most important meal. Even the StrongLifts Diet recommends you to eat breakfast. But what if your instinct tells you to skip this meal. Should you force yourself to eat breakfast anyway?

Let’s see what the benefits of having breakfast are. Especially if your goal is fat loss or weight gain. This post will give you 5 reasons why you should build the habit of eating breakfast starting today.

1. Lose Fat.
Eating breakfast won’t speed up your metabolism. Research shows fasting does not decrease your metabolism, neither do frequent meals increase it. But having breakfast does help fat loss by improving your diet.

  • Less Binging. An unhealthy breakfast ruins your day: you’ll keep eating junk food thinking “tomorrow I eat healthy”. But a healthy breakfast sets the trend: you’ll want to continue eating healthy foods the whole day.
  • More Healthy Food. The food you buy on your way to work usually isn’t healthy “” although its label says so. By making breakfast yourself, you get control over the ingredients and thus over your results.

2. Gain Weight.
To gain weight you must eat more. Hardgainers usually need at least 5000kcal/day to see weight gain. Eating breakfast is crucial to reach these amounts so you lose your skinny look forever.

  • More Hunger. Breakfast usually makes you hungrier during the day. This makes weight gain easier since skinny guys often struggle to eat a lot.
  • Less Bloating. The more meals you eat, the smaller these must be to reach your caloric needs. Meaning less nausea’s, less bloating, …

3. Build Healthy Eating Habits. As explained in point 1, starting your day with a healthy breakfast sets the trend: you won’t ruin the rest of your day with junk food if you begin it with a healthy meal.

Breakfast doesn’t benefit your health directly. Studies that claim otherwise are correlational. But breakfast is crucial to build healthy eating habits – like eating whole foods 90% of the time – which will eventually improve your health.

4. Save Money.
Preparing breakfast is cheaper than buying foods on your way to work or school, foods that are often also unhealthy.

  • Short-term. Healthy, whole, unprocessed food isn’t more expensive. If it is: you’re not doing it right. Read 20 ways to eat healthy on a budget.
  • Long-term. Poor diet causes excess body fat and eventually heart diseases which is the top cause of death in developed countries.

5. Avoid Stress.
What you do the 1st hour after you wake up sets the trend for your whole day. You’ll avoid stress by waking up earlier and eat breakfast.

  • No Skipped Meals. No more stress because you couldn’t find something healthy to eat for breakfast in the grocery store on your way to work.
  • No Rushing. No more stress because you woke up late again, didn’t had time to eat breakfast and now have to rush to make it in time for work.

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