7 Ways to Build The Habit of Eating Healthy

Habit of Eating Healthy
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You’ve got StrongLifts.com’s 10 nutrition rules for building muscle, losing fat and getting stronger. But how do you stick to these 10 nutrition rules? How do you build the habit of eating healthy?

By preparing and eating healthy foods over & over again. The more you prepare and eat healthy foods, the more you build a healthy eating lifestyle. Here are 7 ways to build the habit of eating healthy.

1. Know Why.
Will power doesn’t work. You’re driven by desires. Why do you want to build the habit of eating healthy?

  • Increased Performance. Most of you will feel sick at the gym if you eat junk food all day. Healthy foods make Squats easier.
  • Better Looks. The first step to losing your beer belly is getting stronger and eating whole, unprocessed food.
  • More Health. Bad cholesterol, blood sugar, etc. If your doctor warned you, it’s time to do something about it.

Write why you want this on a piece of paper. Put it somewhere you can see it daily. On your computer or nightstand for example. Look at it several times per day so you don’t forget about it 1 week later.

2. Plan.
“Failing to plan is planning to fail”. List what you’ll eat during the next 7 or 14 days. Go to the grocery and buy what’s on your list only. Don’t buy junk food, you don’t want temptations at home.

3. Prepare.
Lack of time is 1 reason we like junk food. Nobody has time to cook 3x/day. Cook your food in bulk. Even if you work from home. This way you only need to warm-up your meals when it’s time to eat.

  • Morning. Wake up 30 mins earlier so you can prepare all your meals while making breakfast.
  • Evening. If you have trouble waking up early, cook your meals for the next day when coming back from work or while preparing dinner.

4. Make it Tasty.
Your taste will need some weeks to adapt if you ate junk food up till now. Learn to cook. Check for recipes online. Worst case put your mind over matter. Eat your healthy foods, you know why you need them.

5. Simplify.
No time for advanced recipes on weekdays. You have a business, career, family, social life, … Keep it simple. Eat raw veggies and canned foods. Make double rations. Keep leftovers for the next day.

6. Take Food with You.
This way you won’t have to rely on junk food because you didn’t eat anything for more than 3 hours. Eat before you leave. Take food to work and school. Grab a bag of peanuts to go to the movies.

7. Aim for 90% Perfection.
Example: Monday to Saturday whole foods, Sunday junk food. The junk food should be fun, but only for the duration of the meal. As long as you get back to your healthy lifestyle the meal after, you’ll be ok.

Got tips to build the habit of eating healthy? Share them in the comments.

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