A Foolproof Way to Succeed in 2011

Warning: I expect most guys will never take the time to do the exercise I’m about to reveal. They’ll just read through this post, think “yeah yeah” and then keep searching for the next silver bullet. Don’t be one of those guys – it’s not about what you know but about what you do. Thus, do this exercise.

Before I start, most guys who set goals forget about them within weeks or months. Maybe you know some guy who was once sick and tired of his body and then decided to do something about it. Heck, maybe he even joined a gym. But then after a few weeks he quit and was back where he was. He forgot.

Well if most guys just forget about their goals within weeks or months, you just do the opposite they do – you make sure you don’t forget about your goals.

Simply take a piece of paper and write your goal with your deadline. Then put that piece of paper where you can see it, like on your monitor if you have a desk job. You could also put it on your nightstand and look at it daily on waking up and before you go to sleep. Even better is to write your goals daily.

The whole point is that by reviewing your goal systematically, you will not forgot about it once the New Year resolution craze is over (or whatever else may have caused your decision to take action). This really isn’t rocket science.

And yet, how many guys do you think will actually do this exercise? More so, if you cannot do something simple as reviewing your goal daily, then how the heck do you think you’re going to stick to your training program this year?

Write your goals, now.

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