How to Gain and Lose Weight on The Anabolic Diet

Unless you’re happy with your body-weight, after 4 weeks on the Anabolic Diet it’s time to choose between gaining or losing weight. This post will teach you everything about how to gain or lose weight on the Anabolic Diet.

How Much Calories Do You Need?
Your body uses the calories in food as fuel for walking, lifting, digestion, … How much you need depends on your activity levels, muscle mass, food choice, …

Calculate your daily caloric needs using the Cunningham Equation. Eat more or less and you’ll gain or lose weight. Excess can cause fat gains instead of muscle gains and muscle loss instead of weight loss.

How to Gain Weight on The Anabolic Diet
. The high fat intake on the Anabolic Diet satiates and makes you feel full longer. Gaining weight is therefore harder on the Anabolic Diet than with GOMAD. It’s also slower.

But it’s not impossible. And the benefit is that you’ll gain weight while gaining little fat. Use this formula to calculate how much calories you need per day to gain weight on the Anabolic Diet.

  • (your goal weight in lbs + (your goal weight in lbs x 15%) ) x 25kcals

So if you weigh 155lbs and want to weigh 165lbs: (165lbs + (165lbs x 15%) ) x 25 = 4743 kcal/day. That’s indeed a lot coming from a maintenance intake of 155lbs x 18 = 2800kcals/day.

Proportions stay the same: 40% protein, 60% fat, 25g carbs on no-carb days. 15% protein, 25% fat, 60% carbs on carb days. Weigh yourself weekly before loading carbs. Once you’ve gained wieght, go back to BW in lbs x18kcal/day.

How to Lose Weight on The Anabolic Diet
. Weight loss can be muscle or water loss, and stomach & bowel content influence your body-weight. Focusing on fat loss is therefore better than on weight loss.

Weigh yourself every 2 weeks the day before loading carbs. Track your body fat using a fat caliper. This way you’ll know if you’re really losing fat or not. Use this formula to calculate your daily caloric intake:

  • Your maintenance calories – 500 kcal

Calculate your daily caloric needs using the Cunningham Equation. If you need 3000kcal/day to maintain weight, you’d need 2500kcal/day to lose weight. Don’t go lower even if this seems much, you were probably undereating before.

Aim for 1-2lbs weight loss per week. If you lose less than 1lbs: cut 500kcal from your daily calorie intake the week after. Repeat until you’re at your goal weight. Get back to maintenance when you’re satisfied with the results.

Remember your body must be adapted to the Anabolic Diet before you focus on gaining or losing weight. Wait at least 4 weeks before doing any of the above.

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