Hacking The Anabolic Diet: Midweek & 24 Hours Carb Loading

On the Anabolic Diet you’re not eating carbs for 5 days and then loading carbs for 2 days. For most people on the Anabolic Diet, the no-carb days are Monday to Friday and the carb days are Saturday & Sunday.

But, there are Anabolic Diet hacks you can use. Midweek carb loading lets you eat carbs on no-carb days. 24 hours carb loading limits carb loading to 1 day. This post will give you the details about both hacks.

Benefits of Midweek Carb Loading.
Midweek carb loading means you’ll have 1 meal in the middle of the week that includes carbs. All meals on that no-carb day will be high fat/high protein, except for that one meal. Benefits:

  • Social Meetings. You don’t want to miss out on drinks, birthdays or dinners with friends during the week. Midweek carb loading solves it.
  • Heavy Workouts. Your body uses carbs for lifting. Your carb stores are full after the weekend carb loading, but deplete as the workouts go by. Midweek carb loading can give you an extra kick if you have a rough workout at the end of the week.
  • Sports. Sports like Rugby and MMA rely on carbs for energy. That’s why low carb diets like the Anabolic Diet aren’t ideal. Midweek carb loading can help by re-filling your muscles with carbs.
  • HIIT. High intensity interval training also relies on carbs for energy. Bad idea on the Anabolic Diet since it depletes your carb stores too fast. Midweek carb loading can help if you must do HIIT on top of lifting.

How to Perform Midweek Carb Loading.
You must be at least 3 months on the Anabolic Diet before doing this. The longer you’re on the Anabolic Diet, the less likely eating carbs midweek will get your body out of fat burning mode.

  • Have 1 carb meal in the middle of the week. Wednesday works best.
  • Eat carbs for 1 hour max. Go heavy: 1000 kcals. Example: 300g pasta.
  • Simple carbs will make it easier than whole grain.

Go back to high protein & high fat the next meal. Otherwise you’ll get out of fat burning mode. Mixing the high saturated fat intake with carbs can cause health issues. Midweek carb loading is only safe if you stick with 1 meal.

Benefits of 24 hour Carb Loading
. You’ll eat carbs for 1 day instead of 2. Most people will eat carbs on Sunday but not from Monday to Saturday. Benefits:

  • More Energy. Getting 60% of your calories from carbs for 2 days can cause laziness & sleepiness. Shorter carb loading prevents this.
  • Controlled Hunger. You can’t stop eating once you start eating carbs. You just keep getting hungry. Shorter carb loading prevents excess.

If you’re carb sensitive, you’ll experience both. Limiting carb loading to 24 hours will help. Some go as low as 12 hours. As long as you meet your daily caloric needs so your carb stores are filled, you’ll be fine.

How to Perform 24 hours Carb Loading
. 3 months on the Anabolic Diet before you do this. Track how you feel daily to find out if you’re carb sensitive.

  • Get your calories: remember you need carbs for energy.
  • Check the mirror: smoothing means you should stop loading carbs.
  • Eat simple carbs: makes carb loading easier.

Once again: you must be at least 3 months on the Anabolic Diet before doing the midweek and 24 hour carb loading. Otherwise you risk getting out of fat burning mode. The longer you’re on the diet, the better.

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