Post Workout Nutrition on The Anabolic Diet: Spiking Insulin?

Common question: “Do you need an insulin spike post workout on the Anabolic Diet?” No, you’re already getting an extreme insulin spike: the carb days on the Anabolic Diet which get all the nutrients into your muscles.

This means no carbs post workout. You don’t need the insulin spike and you can’t have more than 25g carbs on your no-carb days anyway. This post will give you ideas for post workout nutrition on the Anabolic Diet.

Post Workout Nutrition Ideas.
Whey has no saturated fat or cholesterol. Best is to drink 1 shake per day at most and for the sake of convenience. Remember red meat is key on the Anabolic Diet.

  • Post Workout Shake. Getting too much fat post workout can upset your stomach. Limit your fat intake to 10g. Whey, water, olive oil.
  • Post Workout Meal. Meat, veggies, olive oil. 10g fat max. Example: ground round, broccoli, olive oil, pepper & spice.
  • Post Post Workout Shake. 60-90mins later. Fat intake can be normal again. Whey, heavy whipping cream (40% fat), water.
  • Post Post Workout Meal. Also 60-90mins later with normal fat intake. Steak, Gorgonzola cheese, spinach with garlic fried in olive oil.

Post workout shake first thing when you’re done training. If you can have a meal within 30 mins after you’re done training (example: you train at home), then have a meal instead of that shake.

60-90 mins later have either the post post workout shake or meal. Fat intake for these 2 can be normal again. Remember: no carbs on your no-carb days. You’ll get your insulin spike on the carb days on the Anabolic Diet.

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