Are You Embarrassed?

I was walking in Antwerp with my friend, an ex “hardgainer” who has (so far) gained 51lbs doing SL5x5 + GOMAD, when he said he didn’t understand how so many guys neglect to take care of their body. Around us, the whiners, with the 512 reasons why they can’t get the physique and strength they really want.

One of the most effective motivators for lifestyle changes that we’ve been erasing from society is “shame”. Muscle magazines and supplement companies aren’t ashamed. Obese people aren’t ashamed either, they sue McDonald’s. Doctors prescribing pills rather than treating causes aren’t ashamed.

Last Summer I went to the movies with my girlfriend for Inception. This megafat woman crashed in the seat next to me. In her hands: doritos with cheese and a massive coke. Excited like a 5y old who just got her christmas present, then devoring it like a pig – while farting. She wasn’t ashamed about it.

Nothing shameful about being fat anymore. Guaranteed lousy comments you’ll get if you’re fit though. Drinking water instead of coke? Health freak. Going to the gym 3x/week? You must have no life. Muscular body? You’re a narcissist.

Fat, skinny and weak guys should be ashamed of themselves. Embarassed. When I was 15 and lost at armwrestling to a girl I was humiliated. Puked the first time I did Squats with my mentor – ashamed. My man boobs and belly bulge showing each time I went shirtless at the pool – embarassed.

It motivated me because I hated being embarrassed. It made me miserable, angry. More important, it made me proactive.

Many guys accept what they should be ashamed of instead of using that as a motivator. I believe the hardgainer who can’t gain weight because he has “bad genetics”… the captain upper-body who never does any Squats… the obese guy who can’t lose fat no matter what he does … the frustrated Squatter who skips on them because he “just can’t do them right” … ought to be embarassed.

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