Are You Making This Fat Loss Mistake?

I posted yesterday that some people don’t want to believe that fat loss is as easy as calories in vs. calories out. One reason for that is that they tried to lose fat by eating less and exercising more, but without success.

The temptation is huge to think there’s more to fat loss OR blame your genetics, metabolism and age. It’s also a guaranteed way to get caught in those fad diets that claim that calories don’t matter, blame a new food every month instead, yet ignore the FUNDAMENTAL LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS …

  • Eat less calories than your body burns => you’ll lose fat
  • Eat more calories than your body burns => you’ll gain fat

If you can’t lose fat although you’re eating healthy, hardly eat anything and exercise a lot, then¬†you do NOT have a caloric deficit. It’s as simple as that.

Maybe you know a skinny “hardgainer” who keeps telling you that he can eat everything he wants, but never gains weight. Well if you’d actually track his calories you’d see he isn’t eating a lot at all – that’s why he’s skinny.

The same applies here: can’t lose fat without a caloric deficit. And that’s the biggest fat loss mistake you can make – THINKING that you have a caloric deficit, while you don’t. The solution is for tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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