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“…This app is easy to follow, understand and works effectively. The exercises are easy to perform and pushes your whole body. You can also do the workouts in 45 min tops…After two or three weeks you see and feel results. It’s a good investment but as with all work out programs it’s only good if you actually DO IT on the regular.”

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“I really love this app, I’m not into body building or competitions just wanted to get stronger, this has definitely given me the structure and the support I wanted and needed, my opinion is the pro upgrade is worth its weight in gold over and over again.”

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“I really love this app, I’m not into body building or competitions just wanted to get stronger, this has definitely given me the structure and the support I wanted and needed, my opinion is the pro upgrade is worth its weight in gold over and over again.”


Better Squat Form

Our simple 5 steps challenge will help you improve your Squat form. You will discover the best way to Squat for your body shape and size. You will Squat safely and with confidence.

More Strength

Better Squat form helps you lift more efficiently. It engages more muscles. This improves your progress, and increases how much you can Squat. You will break new personal records. Some StrongLifters were able to double their Squat in 12 weeks!

More Muscle

The Squat works many muscles over a long range of motion. It’s one of the best exercise to build bigger legs, and overall muscle mass. We will do a lot of Squatting which can help you gain up to 24lb of lean muscle in the next 12 months.

Less Fat

The muscles used for Squatting need to recover post-workout. Your body burns energy to recover these muscles. This increases your metabolism – you will burn more calories at rest than before. Combined with a proper diet, Squats will help you lose fat without losing muscle.

More Confidence

Better Squat form increases confidence under the bar. It makes it possible to take bigger risks because you feel more capable. You will be able to go after reps you wouldn’t dare to do before. This leads to better strength progress, and a bigger Squat.


Most fitness apps only log your workouts but don’t show you how to get results. StrongLifts guides you through each workout like a coach would do. It does all the thinking for you so you can focus on lifting.

With StrongLifts you’ll know:

• How much weight to start with
• Which exercises to do each workout
• When to add weight, and by how much
• How to adjust for failures and plateaus
• When to deload, or switch sets & reps
• How long to rest between every set
• How much to lift after a break

You’ll love the simplicity and ease-of-use of StrongLifts. Most fitness apps do too many things and are complicated to use.

StrongLifts keeps it simple and saves you time.

• Easy to log – tap the circles to enter your sets, keep tapping to lower the reps
• Easy to adjust – tap the weight to change it, or let StrongLifts progress the weight
• Easy to follow – rest after each set, do your next set when the timer rings
• Easy to track progress – watch your strength increase on graphs
• Easy to learn – watch in-app videos of workouts


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Meet The Coach

Hi, it’s Mehdi here,

I started lifting weights 20 years ago, after losing armwrestling to a girl.

Back then I was so skinny, fat, and weak… I couldn’t even do a single pushup, while that same girl could

Some people say it’s because of my genetics – I have skinny build with small wrists and a narrow frame.They say I wasn’t not born to be big and strong. Worse, I never did sports before I started lifting.

Nonetheless, through hard training I was able to gain 43lb of lean muscle, Squat 419lb, (2.5 my body-weight), and Deadlift 500lb (3x my body-weight). All drug-free.

I’m not the biggest and strongest guy in the world, and never will be. But I’m usually amongst the strongest guys in most gyms. And I do well at local powerlifting competitions.

In 2007 a friend told me I should start a website about how to build strength and muscle. Back then most people were still doing bodybuilding split routines. So I decided to start a website about strength training focused on the basic lifts (squat, bench, deadlifts)

Since then, StrongLifts has been visited by more than 107 million people from 194 countries. I’ve written more than 250,000 words on the site (almost 3 books). My daily emails are read by tens of thousands of people each day.

The site is best known for the “StrongLifts 5×5” routine – not my invention, but people found my guide helpful which made it go viral. Thousands of people worldwide have gained strength and muscle with StrongLifts 5×5. It’s been featured in Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health,, Reddit, etc

In December 2011 I released the first “5×5 workout” app. It’s been a huge success – several millions downloads, and more than 100,000 5-star reviews. People love how it takes all the thinking out of their training, and tell me they can’t lift without. Give it a try – it’s that good.

In 2012 I created videos of StrongLifts 5×5 in which I show workouts A and B. These videos have been viewed more than five million times and count over 22,000 likes

I’ve held StrongLifts seminars in the USA, Europe and Australia. I’ve also been invited to speak on stage to over 200 entrepreneurs about building a successful business in the fitness industry

StrongLifts has been my full-time profession since 2007. These days I spend most of my times coaching people, working on the StrongLifts app with my developers/designer, and lifting weights.

I enjoy passing what I learned to people willing to listen. My greatest joy is to see someone get super-fast results because they trained efficiently…. and avoided all the dumb mistakes I made.

If you are ready to make a change, and you’re willing to listen, I would love to help you improve your Squat. Just click the button below to get started with my challenge…