Do You Have A Life?

Aren’t you sick and tired of hearing know-it-alls say life is too short to go to the gym all the time? That you should “live a little”?

What the heck does that even mean, to “live a little”? Their lifestyle is better? Really? Let’s compare notes – how does the life of the average guy look like?

  1. Hits the snooze button everytime the alarm goes off
  2. Rolls in bed for 35 mins because he stayed up late once again
  3. Finally gets out of bed half asleep, stubbing his toe against the bedpost
  4. Skips breakfast and showering, rushes for work like the Tasmanian Devil
  5. Buys a doughnut and latte on his way to work, feels like crap all morning
  6. Stresses because there’s nothing healthy for lunch, ends up in Taco Hell
  7. Looks at his fat gut and man boobs in the bathroom mirror after lunch
  8. Decides to drink his depression away by going for happy hour again
  9. Goes home feeling slightly better and eats a frozen pizza for dinner
  10. Sees the trailer for Thor, thinking “Man, I wish I had a body like that”
  11. Goes to bed wishing he was “more motivated” to go to the gym
  12. Repeat

Guess what? Been there, done that. It’s that kind of lifestyle that turned me into a skinny-fat weakling who lost at armwrestling to a girl, who couldn’t even do a single Pushup and who was embarrassed to take his shirt off at the pool.

And I got fed up with that.

If you have done or are doing StrongLifts 5×5, chances are you also got fed up with being a skinny fat weakling at one point in your life. It should therefore amuse you whenever some nobody arrogantly suggests that you “have no life” because you CHOOSE to go to the gym while they watch TV… because you CHOOSE to prepare your own food while they order take-away… because you CHOOSE to rest for Friday’s Squats while they get wasted on Thursday night.

Few guys are willing to accept that their strength, physique, fitness and health is the result of the lifestyle CHOICES they’ve made and are still making today.

Few guys understand there’s no something for nothing.

Consequently very few guys feel confident about their body… routinely impress their friends, family and colleagues with their strength… repeatedly have people come to them for training and nutrition advice… frequently inspire others to also change their lifestyle and mimic ours.

Don’t be fooled – the people suggesting you have “no life” secretly hate their own life and are envious of your results. So whenever they ask you to come out and “have a life,” remember why you changed your lifestyle in the first place.

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