Do You Make This Mistake At The Gym?

Reader question:

I did Pull-ups with the assisted pullup machine. I know that this is discouraged, but my pride will not allow me to do the jump method or ask a stranger to assist me.

What If They Laugh? There’s nothing funny about someone struggling with Pull-ups. I see someone who wants to get better at something. You have 2 kinds of people who might laugh at you:

  • People who never struggled on that Pull-up bar like you & me. They don’t know what working hard is. Ignore them. Only thing you can learn from them, is not to be like them.
  • People who are conditioned to laugh at anybody who “fails”. You’re not failing. You’re working at getting stronger at Pull-ups. Ignore them. They don’t even know why they’re laughing.

Let them laugh. They won’t laugh long anyway. It it doesn’t take long to get stronger at Pull-ups.

Stop Caring.
The trick is not to care. It hurts your ego at first, but you’ll get immune to it. Focus on achieving your goals, not on what people think.

What I do with that money may seem crazy to those sons of bitches in Houston. I’m sure it does, but it all makes good sense to me. You got that? – The Aviator.

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