The REAL Secret to Fast Muscle Gains

Yesterday I asked what you thought what the most important ingredient was to build lean muscle. You had 2 choices:

  • Diet? OR
  • Training?

Here’s the right answer: TRAINING. And you don’t need to be rocket scientist to understand why. Do you really think that you’ll build a lot of muscle by eating one of those high protein muscle building diets if you never, ever do some kind of training but sit on your coach all day? Obviously, you won’t.

Now if you start lifting weights, without changing a single thing about your diet, will you then gain muscle? Let’s say you have the worst diet ever designed to gain muscle – junk food, no protein – do you think you’ll gain muscle if you use a training program like StrongLifts 5×5? Obviously, you will.

The amount of guys who believe that diet is more important than training for muscle gains is astonishing. Frankly, it’s not you fault if you thought diet was more important, it just shows that the marketing of those snake oil supplement companies and their muscle magazines is effective. If you ACTUALLY believe that diet is more important than training, then you will obviously start buying their expensive, but worthless supplements like whey protein and BCAAs.

But you don’t need to look further than your own gym to find a skinny guy who drinks protein shakes 3x/day but who never, EVER gains muscle or strength. And that’s because training is more important than diet to build muscle. As long as you give your body the calories it needs for optimal recovery, it doesn’t matter what you eat – your training will make you build muscle.

Tomorrow I’m going to give you a trainingvideo of a group of guys who have the WORST diet ever, but who are muscular, big and strong nonetheless. These guys are proof that training matters more than diet. Stay tuned.

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