What Are Your Strength Limitations?

NOTE by Mehdi. This post was written by StrongLifts Member Greg Prince (40, Florida) who Squats 625lbs, Benches 385lbs, DeadLifts 615lbs and Presses 275lbs.


We hear excuses for having certain strength limits all the time. My arms are short, my legs are too long, my arms are too long, my nose is too big and gets in the way of my overhead press, etc.

It’s time to put away excuses and get to work.

A great example of a legendary lifter who unfortunately was cut short of lifting in his prime was this man: In 1981, Gary Heisey was 6’7″ and weighed 198 pounds in his mid 20s. In 1992, he deadlifted 925lbs weighing 358lbs, the sixth highest deadlift of all time. Mind you this was the world record deadlift up until a few years ago and this was way before there were deadlift suits.

Gary Heisey Deadlifted 925lb
Gary Heisey was a 198lb toothpick at 6'7", yet he managed to gain 160lb and pull the 6th heaviest Deadlift of all times - 925lb at 368lb, before there were suits.

Gary Heisey set out to lift big and he stuck to his goals. He was a toothpick at 6’7″ and 198lbs but that didn’t stop him from becoming the best deadlifter in the world and a great powerlifter in the bench and squat.

In just over 10 years Heisey put on over 150lbs of rock solid weight. A man with a goal and purpose is an awesome thing to witness.

Put away the notions of your inability and reach for new strengths you create with work and persistence.

I hope this offends someone and inspires someone else.

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