7 GOMAD Alternatives You Think Will Work But Won’t

GOMAD is proven to work. And still every now and then someone tries to come up with a superior alternative to GOMAD. And every time again this alternative is flawed. Why? Because GOMAD is not just about getting lots of calories.

The secret to GOMAD‘s efficiency is the combination of proteins, saturated fats, carbs & high calories. You won’t find another food that gives the same combo. Here are 7 GOMAD alternatives you think will work but won’t.

1. Low Fat & Skimmed Milk.
You won’t prevent fat gains by using low fat or skimmed milk. Whole milk gives best results and tastes better.

  • Less Saturated Fat. Whole milk is richer in saturated fats which increase your testosterone levels, a muscle building hormone.
  • Less Calories. You lose 400 to 1000kcal a day with lower fat milks. You’ll have to eat more to get your calories, hard since milk fills your stomach.
  • Won’t Prevent Fat Gains. The high carb content in milk spikes insulin. This is what promotes fat gains, not its fat content.

2. Soy Milk
. Doing GOMAD with soy milk because you’re lactose intolerant or vegetarian or vegan won’t work neither. 3 reasons:

  • Less Calories. 1 gallon soy milk contains 1600kcal. 1 gallon whole milk 2400kcal. You need an extra 200g pasta per day to fill the gap.
  • No Saturated Fat. Thus no increased testosterone levels which would otherwise help muscle & strength gains.
  • High in Estrogen. Small quantities soy like they do in Asia: OK. 1 gallon soy milk a day: potentially dangerous. Read the whole soy story.

3. Weight Gainers
. Make your own weight gainer: oats, milk, peanut butter, bananas, etc. Stay away from weight gainers from supplement companies.

  • Promote Fat Gains. Weight gainers are processed foods full of sugars. They’ll make you gain more fat than milk and will make you feel bloated.
  • Expensive. Whole milk is cheaper than a weight gainer. Read this post which compares a weight gainer with whole milk.

4. Milk Chocolate
. Tastes better than whole milk and contains more calories, so you don’t have to drink as much milk. But, the higher calorie intake comes from sugars which will get you fatter than whole milk.

Milk chocolate is also more expensive and less rich in proteins, fats, vitamins & minerals. If you want to make your milk more tasty: add chocolate whey or just keep drinking milk. Your taste will adapt.

5. Plain Fat Free Yogurt
. High in carbs, low in saturated fats, low in protein. Solid food is harder to digest than liquid food. Yogurt doesn’t work.

6. Olive Oil
. High calorie, but zero protein, zero carbs and zero saturated fat. You’ll upset your stomach eating that much fat and this just isn’t tasty.

7. Peanut Butter
. 1 jar contains 3000kcal, less carbs than milk, lots of protein and it can be cheaper than 1 gallon of whole milk. However:

  • Less Saturated Fat. 1 jar contains 50g saturated fat vs. 80g in whole milk. So less testosterone increase to help building muscle & strength.
  • High Fat. Fat satiates and makes you full longer. Solid food is harder than liquid. You’ll need water next to you after a dozen tablespoons.
  • Toxic Food. Many people have allergies to peanuts. No problem in small quantities, but 1 jar a day can trigger allergic reactions.

Yes you can gain weight using any of the above 7 GOMAD alternatives. But you won’t gain weight as fast & easily as with GOMAD.

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