GOMAD: First Week Experiences & Side Effects

GOMAD is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to gain weight naturally. But it would be too good to be true if GOMAD didn’t had some side effects. As always: there’s no something for nothing in this game.

What follows is a list of things you might experience on GOMAD. I write “might” since much of this is individual: you won’t necessarily experience everything in this post. Just know that if you do: it’s normal. So stick with it.

Fat Gains.
Expect 2-3% fat gain per month on GOMAD. You won’t need to do GOMAD for more than 1-2 months to get your goal weight. So you’ll gain 6% body fat at most. Keep these 3 points in mind:

  • You’re doing GOMAD because you’re skinny & under-weight. Your body fat is low and you have room for some extra. Even if you’re the skinny + fat type, you should ignore the fat gains for now.
  • Gaining weight without fat is hard & slow. Those who try this usually get nowhere. Gain weight first, then focus on fat loss. It’s easier to lose fat with the added muscle mass & strength from the weight gain.
  • You’ll lose most of the fat gained when you stop GOMAD. Simply apply the 8 nutrition rules and keep getting stronger. You’ll lose fat without losing weight.

Don’t make the mistake of using low fat or half-skimmed milk. The fat gains on GOMAD come from its high carb content which spikes insulin, not from the fat content. You need the saturated fat & calories from whole milk.

Cause: you weren’t eating much before. Bloating will go away if you persist with GOMAD. Your body will adapt. 2 tips in the meanwhile:

  • Spread Your Milk Intake. 1/4 gallon at breakfast, 1/4 gallon at lunch, 1/4 gallon post workout, 1/4 gallon at dinner.
  • Increase Milk Intake Slowly. 1/4 gallon of whole milk a day the 1st week. 2/4 gallon the 2nd week. 3/4 gallon the 3rd week. 1 gallon in week 4. This gives your body time to adapt, but gains will be slower.

Lactase breaks down the lactose in milk in your stomach. If lactase is unavailable, milk will make you sick. You’ll get cramps, bloating, gas & diarrhea. This is called lactose intolerance.

If things don’t improve after 1-2 weeks, take lactase pills. They’re as efficient as lactaid milk, but cheaper. How much lactase you need varies. Most people need 16 pills for 1 gallon of whole milk. Take the pills with your milk.

. This is caused by the increase in testosterone levels from the saturated fat content in milk. If not: you’re allergic to dairy. You won’t do GOMAD for more than 1-2 months so stick with it. 3 tips meanwhile:

  • Eat Healthy. Eat whole, unprocessed food 90% of the time. Limit your junk food consumption. Apply the 8 nutrition rules.
  • Take Fish Oil. Reduces inflammation, including skin inflammation. Eat fatty fish like salmon, mackerel or sardines and consider fish oil.
  • Take Zinc. The most important skin nutrient. Most people are zinc deficient. Take a zinc supplement, at least 30mg per day.

Milk is high in carbs. Carbs increase the release of serotonin. This can cause sleepiness & tiredness. Remember they told you to drink warm milk before going to bed? This is why.

Solution: spread your milk intake through the day and limit your carb intake to post workout only the rest of the day. So pasta, rice, oats, breads, … post workout. Rest of the day veggies, fruits, proteins, healthy fats & milk.

Lowered Appetite
. Milk fills your stomach. You’ll struggle to eat on top of the milk the first days or weeks.

  • Eat First, Milk After. If you’re drinking milk with your meals, eat your meal before you drink the milk.
  • Spread Your Milk Intake. Drinking 1 gallon of milk at once is harder. So spread your milk intake through the day.
  • Persist. This is like building the habit of eating breakfast. The only way to get used to it, is by doing it. Drink your gallon no matter what.

Milk Cravings.
After a few weeks GOMAD you’ll start craving for milk. You’ll also be more hungry than before. Drinking your daily gallon of whole milk will be easy, even though you’re eating every 3 hours on top of it.

This is why GOMAD gives permanent gains: milk teaches you to eat more. You’ll never be skinny again. Avoid fat gains by applying the 8 nutrition rules..

There’s no something for nothing. GOMAD has side effects, but you should focus on the positive: your weight gain. You won’t do GOMAD for the rest of your life, only for 1-2 months max. So stop whining and do it.

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