How to Minimize Fat Gains on GOMAD (and How NOT to)

You want to gain weight fast and GOMAD appeals to you. But you don’t like the 2-3% fat gain. Since I keep seeing GOMAD alternatives that don’t work, here are some tips to minimize fat gains on GOMAD that do work.

The Wrong Way: Low Fat & Skimmed Milk.
Fat doesn’t make you fat. Your body holds fat when you don’t get enough. Doing GOMAD with lower fat milk won’t prevent fat loss and will limit your weight gain.

  • Less Calories. Low fat & skimmed milk contain less calories since they’re lower in fat. You’ll have to eat more to fill the gap which is hard since you’re still drinking 1 gallon milk a day and this fills your stomach.
  • Less Saturated Fat. Saturated fats increase testosterone levels which helps building muscle & strength. Whole milk is richest in saturated fat.

It’s milk’s carb content which promotes fat gain by spiking insulin. This hormone causes proteins to rush into your muscles, but also tells your body to store fat. You won’t prevent fat gains by drinking low fat or skimmed milk.

The Right Way to Minimize Fat Gains.
Again: you won’t gain more than 2-3% body fat per month. So max 6% fat gain since you shouldn’t need more than 2 months to gain weight using GOMAD. Tips to limit fat gains:

  • Eat Healthy. Eat whole, unprocessed foods 90% of the time. Limit junk food intake to 10% of the time. Apply the 8 nutrition rules.
  • Eat Carbs Post Workout Only. GOMAD is rich in carbs and these cause fat gains. Limit your intake of other carbs like oats, rice or pasta to post workout only. Rest of day: proteins, healthy fats, fruits, veggies & milk.
  • Add Cardio. Cardio will slow down your weight gain but won’t prevent it if you eat +5000kcal/day. Do long duration cardio post workout. Start with 15mins and add 1min each workout until you’re at 45mins.

Expect 2-3% fat gain per month doing GOMAD. You’ll reach your target weight within 1-2 months, so you won’t gain more than 6% body fat. If you’re skinny, you most likely don’t carry much body fat, so some extra won’t hurt.

But if you’re the skinny + fat type, realize gaining weight without gaining fat is slow & hard. Usually it leads to nothing. It’s easier to lose fat with the added muscle mass & strength from the weight gain.

Gain weight first, then lose the fat by keep getting stronger and applying the 8 nutrition rules.

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