High Carb or High Fat?

Carbs + fats = time-bomb. Remember this. Whatever the diet you’re on, you need to choose:

  • High consumption of carbs; or
  • High consumption of fats

Never mix carbs & fats. It leads to obesity, cholesterol, diabetes, etc. Junk food is a perfect example of high carb/high fat nutrition.

What’s High Carb & What’s High Fat?
Example: you weigh 80kg. Your daily needs are:

  • 3200 calories (18x bodyweight in lbs)
  • 350g proteins (2g per bodyweight in lbs)

350g Protein is 1400kcal or 45%. You have 55% calories left & two options:

  • High carb: 40% carbs – 15% fat
  • High fat: 55% fat – 0% carbs

High Carb
. Society is turned towards high carb/low fat consumption. Although in recent years zero carb products have become available. Probably due to the popularity of the Atkins Diet. If you’re going high carb, cut your fat intake. Follow the 40% – 15% rule.

  • Carbs: go whole grain, oats, rice, potatoes, pasta, …
  • Fats: balance omega 3/6/9 intake & avoid trans-fats (junk food).

One tip that works well is eating carbs after your strength training workout. Consume proteins, fats & veggies the rest of the day.

High Fat.
Some people, like me, don’t feel well on high carb diet. If you feel sleepy & sluggish from eating carbs, you know what I’m talking about. Try a high fat/high protein approach:

High carb or high fat? Experiment. Best way to know.

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