Get Paid Writing for StrongLifts

Do you want to get paid to combine your passion for strength, nutrition and writing?

Do you want to get more exposure as a strength/nutrition expert or writer?

Do you want to help millions of people get stronger?

Then here’s the deal: is one of the world’s leading resources on strength training. Since 2007, this website has been visited by more than 100 million people. And I’m looking to grow even further.

Publishing excellent training and nutrition guides for free is a big part of my strategy. That’s why I’m looking for strength, lifting and nutrition experts to share their knowledge with the world.

This is a long-term position, and you can work from anywhere in the world.

Why Write for StrongLifts?

1. Combine Your Passion For Strength, Nutrition, and Writing

Few people can turn their passion into a living. I’ve done it but it’s hard.

If you’ve been looking for a way to combine your passion for lifting weights with writing, this is your opportunity. Join me, and you’ll spend your time doing what you really love – writing about strength training, lifting weights and nutrition.

2. Get High-Profile Exposure as Strength, Lifting or Nutrition Expert

You already know getting your name out there is hard in 2018. Being great at what you do is no longer enough. People need a way to find to you.

StrongLifts is one of the most established strength training websites, with millions of visitors each year. When you write for me, you will get exposure that can create opportunities for you.

3. Help Millions of People to Get Stronger

The most rewarding thing in life is to help people get results. This is your opportunity to do this for a living. You’ll be able to share what you’ve learned about strength, lifting weights, and nutrition.

Write for me and your work will benefit millions of people. You’ll help them get stronger than they ever thought was possible.

Earn Industry-Leading Compensation

I value your work and unique knowledge as strength/nutrition expert and writer. So I will compensate your work fairly. I’ll pay you $0.10-0.20 for every word you write. Others pay less. I’ve checked.

And the more more useful quality content you write, the more you get paid. Most StrongLifts guide are at least 5000 words long. So you can easily earn $500-1000 for doing a job you love.

The Ideal Writer

I started StrongLifts because I was frustrated.

Most fitness websites have complicated approaches to training and nutrition. And it’s explained in complicated language. I want StrongLifts to be simple. I want it to have all the information I wish I had when I started lifting. Simple stuff that actually works.

This is the kind of writer I need for this:

  • You have solid knowledge + experience of strength training, lifting, or nutrition
  • You can write actionable articles that helps people get results
  • You can write detailed articles that covers the topic in depth
  • You can explain complex concepts using simple language
  • You can write polished articles that need little editing
  • You’re fluent in English, with a passion for writing

Please note that I’m not looking for classic guests posts and/or blog posts. I’m looking to build out in-depth guides. Not boring lists of top 10 tips like everyone else is doing.

What The Work Will Be Like

  • Flexible. You can make your own schedule. I don’t care which days or time of the day you work. I only care about your output.
  • Remote. You can work from anywhere you want – home, coffee shops, abroad, etc. Again, I only care about your output.
  • Autonomy. I want people to get results using simple, effective methods. How you do that is up to you. If it’s simple and works, I’m happy. At first I’ll tell you what to write about based on current priorities. But over time I want you to come up with your ideas.
  • Long-term. I’m looking for someone to be part of my team long-term. So there will be a lot of ongoing work (as much as you can take on).

How to Apply

I usually receive tons of applications. So please put thought and effort into yours. Take time to answer every question in detail. Proofread! Stand out by showing me why I should consider you over someone else. Here’s how to apply:

  1. Email [email protected] – title “Writer for StrongLifts”
  2. Send your application as a plain email (no pdf or docs)
  3. Why do you want to write for StrongLifts?
  4. What’s your experience as a writer? (include relevant work samples)
  5. What’s your experience in strength training, lifting weights, and nutrition?
  6. Which topics are you most interested in writing about?
  7. Anything else?

Hiring Process

If your application makes it through the review process, I’ll send you a writing test. I’ll ask you to pitch three ideas for articles. You pass this test if they fit with what StrongLifts is about. The next step is to write the article. If it comes out good, I’ll pay you for it. Otherwise I won’t use it and you can keep it.

About StrongLifts

I started the StrongLifts website in 2007. Since then it has received more than 100 million visitors. It’s also been profitable since year one. We’re bootstrapped and 100% independent.

StrongLifts is best known for the StrongLifts 5×5 workout. Tens of thousands of people worldwide have used this simple program to get stronger, build muscle and lose fat. The StrongLifts 5×5 app has been downloaded several millions of times. It has received +80,000 five star reviews, rated +4.9 stars. We make money selling in-app subscriptions to unlock advanced features.

The StrongLifts team is small (less than 10 people). We’re spread over three continents and work fully remote. We communicate mostly using slack. The website runs on wordpress.

Don’t delay. Apply today before I hire someone else.


What output is expected?

Whatever you can handle. If you can only deliver 5000 words of quality content per month, that’s fine. I’d rather have that than miss out on you sharing your knowledge. I’ll be hiring several writers anyway to make sure there’s a consistent output of content.

What do you want me to write about?

People visit StrongLifts because they want to get stronger and build a better body. So popular topics are strength training, proper form, and nutrition. What matters most is that the approach is simple, practical, and effective. You’re free to write about what you want as long as it helps people get results, and fits our philosophy of simple/practical/effective.

Can I write for other websites too if I write for StrongLifts?

Sure. As long as the content you write for us is unique, you can do what you want.