If You Have Several Goals This Year…

then start with just one goal.

The worst thing you could do is trying to achieve too many, conflicting goals at the same time. Like wanting to increase your Squat and lean muscle mass WHILE boosting your cardiovascular fitness and losing fat. You try to increase your Squat and muscle mass when doing tons of cardio on a caloric deficit.

I’m not saying you could never do it, it’s definitely possible if you know how, but you’d make it too hard on yourself. Napoleon Hill wrote in his bestseller Think & Grow Rich that lack of concentration of effort was one of the 30 reasons why men never achieve their goal. Quote: “The ‘Jack-of-All-Trades’ is seldom good at any. Concentrate all of your efforts on one DEFINITE CHIEF AIM.”

Focus therefore on one big goal. If you have several and just can’t choose, list your goals and rank them by importance. Now remove the conflicting ones and leave them for later. That way you get at least something done this year.

In the above example you would start with the Squat and muscle gains while leaving the endurance gains and fat loss (the conflicting goals) for later. Boosting your Squat will increase your endurance anyway, and your body fat percentage will go down automatically as you gain strength and muscle mass. You just moved from 4 to 2 goals while eliminating the conflicting ones, making it much more likely that you actually achieve something this year.

You shouldn’t be afraid of prioritizing a certain, maybe lacking, lift over another either. As an example, after StrongLifts Member Simon (“LittleSimon”, page 135 in the 5×5 report) reached 500lb on Squats, he started focusing on his Deadlift which was lacking compared to his Squat. Now he’s nearing the 600lb Deadlift. So he put one lift on “maintenance” while he focussed on another one.

Remember what I said earlier: research shows that 88% of the guys setting New Year’s resolutions never achieve them. Focusing on 1 goal doesn’t sound like much, but it does dramatically increase your chance to actually achieve something and thus puts yourself ahead of the large majority of the population.

Don’t be greedy – focus on 1 goal at a time.

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