Is It Your Age or You?

I’m always amazed by guys telling me they’re too old. Especially when the guy is not even 30. I’ll turn 30 in a few months and I’m in my best shape ever. Many StrongLifts Members who are 40, 50 even 60y old will tell you the exact same thing – that they’re stronger than they’ve ever been.

CNN covered the story of Herschel Walker last week who at age 48 is “breaking all fitness rules”. Some say Herschel is a genetic freak. But then why was he chubby as a kid? It must be drugs … right.

The truth is that there’s nothing really extraordinary about what Herschel is doing at his age. Any 40y old can achieve the same muscle and strength gains if you just do what it takes. Especially when you consider…

  • Top bodybuilders are usually around 40. Dexter Jackson won the Mr Olympia at age 39 in 2008, Ronnie Coleman won it at age 41 in 2005.
  • The world record holder in the Squat and Deadlift, Andy Bolton, is 40y old. This guy has Deadlifted +1000lbs and Squatted +1200lbs.
  • Some of my strongest SL Members are over 40y old. James is 42 and Deadlifts 515lbs, Paul is 41 and Deadlifts 615lbs, etc

You’d think their slower metabolism would get in the way. You’d think that their bones and joints might not take it. You’d think they’d be too old for all of that. Yet all these guys, they put the young 20y olds to shame.

Strength training is the only sport where age is not a problem. Heck, SL Member Chas is 55y and Bob is 64y yet they both Deadlift +400lbs. And they’ve been Members for less than 3y and had never done Deadlifts in their life before.

Get a reality check. Age is only a problem if you think it is.

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