Is It Your “Bad Genetics” or You?

One of my favorite movies is the Sci-fi thriller Gattaca. The story: a genetically inferior man (Ethan Hawk) assumes the identity of a superior one (Jude Law) in order to pursue his lifelong dream of space travel.

The movie is filled with powerful and inspiring quotes. In one scene, Hawk wins a swim challenge against his genetically superior brother (“Anton”). Humiliated, Anton demands to know his secret. Hawk’s response…

You want to know how I did it? This is how I did it, Anton: I never saved anything for the swim back.

The guy didn’t give up, that was his secret. Persistence is the key to success, said Napoleon Hill in his bestseller Think & Grow Rich. Yet what do most guys do? Give up way too early because of their “bad genetics”.

I hate admitting this, but yes genetics DO matter. Throughout my training career I’ve seen guys looking ripped before they even touched a weight. I’ve seen guys pulling 300lbs their first workout. I’ve seen guys, who never put any real work in the gym or kitchen, gaining shocking amounts of strength and muscle.

Good for them.

You can not permit this to tinge your thinking. If anyone ever tries telling you that you will never achieve your goals because of your “bad” genetics, bodytype or build, I say prove them wrong. Use that as motivation.

23 years ago some idiot personal trainer told SL Member Keith (43, Canada), “We’re not going to see a lot of progress because of your body type”. That misconception stayed with him until he started SL5x5 19y later. Today, age 43, 47lb heavier, in the best shape ever, Keith KNOWS that “trainer” was clueless.

I have skinny 6.7″ wrists. When I wrap my hand around my wrist, I can cover the whole nail of my middle finger with my index. By all means I’m not build to be big or strong and fit the description of a hardgainer. Heck, I couldn’t do a single Push-up when I got into all of this. Yet I’m 47lbs heavier now and getting closer and closer to pulling 500lbs at 165lbs body-weight. I’ve come a long way.

The truth that nobody likes to hear is that genetics become irrelevant when you tackle it with consistency. Fact is, your “bad” genetics are only a roadblock to your own success if you believe they are. And that’s very, very GOOD news.

All around me, I see SL Members gaining massive amounts of muscle, losing huge amounts of fat and lifting incredible amounts of weights, who quite frankly, shouldn’t be achieving these kind of results considering their “genetics”. They are “hardgainers”, ectomorphs, “old”, lazy, undisciplined and still gaining.

It’s easy to blame your genetics. The question is, what will you do about it?

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