Is It Madness or Determination?

StrongLifts Member Sonny asked inside the StrongLifts Community:

Guys am i going mad????

The moment I woke I have been thinking about my 5×5 training in the evening. I wake up and consider my food intake for the day and then how early I can get out off work to get in the gym. My spare time at work I browse the Stronglifts Community and pick up tips.

In December 2011 here in the United Kingdom we had very bad snow in my area and I still drove in a blizzard to my gym. I then got stuck in the gym car park and had to get some other “Mad” guys who were working out to push me out. Last week I had no car so i walked 2 and half miles to gym ( bloody hurt when I walked back)

My family think Im mad, but I think I know what I want and I wont stop till I get it.

Stonglifts have shown me that determination, commitment and a plan cannont fail, this applies not only to training but life in general.

No, you’re not mad at all. You’re just starting to think and act the way we all do.

Belgium also had terrible snow last December, and I too had to drive through a blizzard to get to my home gym located in my parent’s garage about 5km from my appartement. Twice my bmw slipped because I refuse to spend 1500,00€ on winter tyres that I only need the 2 weeks a year it snows, especially with me working from home. Then I got stuck in their street, walked 200m to their place, returned with my dad, and pushed the car up the street into their garage.

My parents definitely thought I was mad for driving through that blizzard and then spending an hour lifting in their garage where it was -13°C. And I admit I would have preferred to stay at home in the warmth, watch a movie and drink hot milk. But nobody ever got strong skipping workouts because of the cold.

In fact, Arnold Schwarzenegger trained during his early teens in a none heated weight room where temperatures routinely went below zero. Add an 8 miles bike ride or walk to get to the gym in town. It seems obvious to me that telling the cold to go to hell built Arnold an invaluable mindset that helped him become a successful powerlifter, bodybuilder, entrepreneur, actor and now politician.

As you’ve come to realize, once you know what you want, you have to make a decision: will you do what it takes? Many, many, many things are out of your control, like my skinny build, small bones, long limbs, etc. But none of that will ever stop you from getting what you want if you hit the weights CONSISTENTLY.

2 weeks ago after I went to sleep, I got out of bed to check in my training log what weight I was going to Squat the next day. So yes you should be thinking about your training in the evening on waking up. You should know your work weight before you get in the gym. You should know at what time you’ll train. You should know at what time you’re going to eat, and what. You should be analyzing your training log once a week so you can prepare for the next week.

You need to plan, because failing to plan is planning to fail.

Few guys plan their training, their diet and their life meticulously, determined to better themselves and break PRs. Consequently, few guys have results to show for. That’s why whenever these people call you mad or obsessed, you ought to ignore them and keep doing what you need to do to get what you want. You don’t need to be arrogant about it, but you definitely deserve to feel superior.

StrongLifts Member Guru is right: welcome to the club.

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