One Thing All Successful Guys Share

Wednesday I talked about the difference between what you do and what you think. Today I want to talk more about the doing – taking action.

The most important action you should take to develop a winner’s mindset, is to look for guys who have achieved your goal, study them, and then copy. Forget about the way they think, focus on their behavior and mimic it.

Think about it – why does every top athlete have a coach or mentor? Tiger Woods and David Beckam have one. So does almost every Olympian. Arnold Schwarzenegger also had a mentor – Reg Park, 3x Mr Universe. Even I had a mentor when I started lifting and who introduced me to Squats.

Notice how the apprentice often becomes more successful than his teacher. Arnold won more titles than Park, yet that doesn’t make Park a know-nothing. I also got stronger than my mentor, but he was no know nothing either.

The guys who look at successful people like Arnold Schwarzenegger and claim that “it’s all about steroids” they miss on key lessons like these. Again – why do you think all successful people have a coach or mentor? I’m not trying to sell you my coaching program here – I’m full until next year. I want you to think really good about why the heck these guys choose to have a coach or mentor.

Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed in his autobiography The Education of a Bodybuilder, that he did heavy Squats and Deadlifts from the start because Reg Park could Squat 600lbs and Deadlift 700lbs. Arnold looked for a guy who had achieved what he wanted, studied him and then copied Park’s 5×5 method.

Inside my StrongLifts Community I have long noticed that my most accomplished Members follow the training logs of other SL Members who are in most cases stronger than them. They subscribe to their logs to automatically get updates, examine what they do, and then copy. This is the closest thing to mentorship.

The true benefit is of course the thinking that you acquire by hanging out with these Members. Most guys’ biggest stumbling block is their own thinking – what they believe they can and cannot do. There’s no better way to eliminate those limiting beliefs than by seeing a guy with your age and body type doing it. And that’s one key ingredient of that winning mindset I referred to – no limitations.

Who are you studying?

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