Overcoming Barriers to Success

Reader question…

I turned 40 this year, have my own business, and 2 kids under the age of 8. Sometimes by the time I get time for myself it’s 9:30pm.

I find if I do an all out workout at that hour I can not get to sleep until about 2am, and the alarms go off in the house at 6am.

Another reader sent me:

I am a 43 year old male with 2 children, one of which is only 9 months old and has never slept through the night once!!

That together with a demanding management job means whilst I have never missed a training session I often train at 9pm at night after a 15 hour day and then only get 5 or 6 hours sleep.

Success Barriers. It’s not meant to be easy. All of you have/are/will deal with things that block you in achieving success.

  • Work. Physical demanding jobs. Long work hours. Working 2 jobs. Working shifts.
  • Money. You’re a student on a budget. You lack money to get the 1g/lbs protein daily necessary to build muscle.
  • Injuries. Lower back pain on Squats and Deadlifts caused by dormant glutes & lack of hip flexibility. Shoulder pain on the Bench Press.
  • Equipment. Your gym has no Squat rack. Your gym has no free weights.

Overcoming Barriers to Success
. Thruth is that you’re often the only thing that blocks you in achieving success. If you’re determined, you’ll find a solution.

  • Tony. 41y, married & 3 children. Avoids missed workouts by working out at 5am. Started with an empty bar 12 weeks ago. Now Squats +220lbs.
  • MrOyf. Student living in the most expensive city of the world: Helsinki. Supermarkets sell steak up to 30€/kg. He finds ways to get his protein.
  • Rob. Has postural problems caused by his desk job. Often wakes up with back pain. Can’t Squat or Deadlift without pain. Decided to spend 30 days working on his posture daily.
  • Mutt. Used the Steinborn Lift for several weeks before switching to a gym that has a Squat Rack. Now Squats 245lbs.

They’re coping with the same problems you are. Determination is what sets them apart. You either want it, or you don’t want it.

Hannibal said it best:

We will either find a way, or make one.

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