Training Lessons from Prison Guys

Yesterday I gave you a training video of prison guys. Several of those guys in that video were big, muscular and Squatting over 400lbs. What’s their secret?

You can be sure that their secret is NOT their diet. Prison guys are NOT doing any of the stuff muscle magazines keep saying is crucial for muscle gains

  • Prison guys DON’T eat slow protein pre bed
  • Prison guys also DON’T eat fast protein post workout
  • Prison guys definitely DON’T have protein every 3 hours

In prison you get 3 meals per day. Low quality, low protein meals. That’s it. And in some US states, as reported by the NY Times in June 2009, inmates only get 2 meals/day. This proves that diet matters less than training for muscle gains.

Yes, supplements and steroids could be accessible in prison, but they would be expensive. And remember plenty of guys are drinking 3 shakes per day without getting anywhere. Same with steroids: I’ve seen enough drug-using lifters who had yo-yo muscle gains depending on whether they were on or off their cycle.

Genetics? That’s the cop out everyone uses when nothing they’re doing works when in fact they’re using ineffective training methods OR simply not putting enough work in the gym. But nobody likes to hear that story.

Charles Bronson, author of “Solitary Fitness”, spent 34 years in prison (mostly in solitary confinement) and could do Push-ups with 2 men on his back and on a crappy diet. They made a movie about him in 2008 by the way – “Bronson” – starring Tom Hardy (that’s the guy from Inception and the upcoming Mad Max).

Training is the secret of prison guys. Watch the video again. Listen to what they say. These guys don’t drag themselves to the gym, it’s the only thing they have. Look at the atmosphere in the gym: their motivation is high. You won’t stay skinny and weak if you train like them, whatever your diet is.

Prison guys aren’t the only group of people who get muscular using the worst diet ever. Tomorrow I’m going to give you another example… Olympic athletes.

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