Quick, Easy & Effective Post Workout Shakes

Strength training & weight lifting break down muscle, burn calories and make you sweat. You need food post workout for muscle recovery & rehydration. Post workout shakes can take care of all of that. Here’s how.

Why Post Workout Shakes?
If you workout in a commercial gym, it can take you an hour before you can eat something. You first have to shower & drive back home. Easier is taking a shake with you & drinking it post workout.

But whole food remains better than supplements. I workout in my home gym. When I’m done working out, I go straight to the kitchen & get a whole meal. Usually tuna, rice & banana.

Ingredients for Post Workout Shakes.
Protein for muscle recovery. Carbs for energy. Water for rehydration.

  • Whey. Get 1g/lbs protein daily. 40g per meal if you weigh 200lbs & eat 5 meals daily. 1.5 scoops whey contains 40g protein.
  • Oats. Quick oats work best: they’re smaller than instant or rolled oats. Get as much carbs out of oats as you get out of whey.
  • Milk. Helps weight gain if you’re skinny. But watch out with milk if you want to lose fat.
  • Fruit. Full of vitamins & minerals. Bananas, raisins, etc.

What about Dextrose & Maltodextrin?
Both have a higher Glycemic Index (GI) than oats. However their GI is irrelevant. Other ingredients influence the total GI: whey also spikes insulin for example.

Oats contain vitamins, minerals & fiber. Dextrose/maltodextrin don’t. Stick to oats. You’ll never achieve immediate absorption of nutrients anyway. Eat well pre workout so you have nutrients available when your muscles need them.

How to Make Post Workout Shakes

  1. Take Shaker. Fill your Protein Shaker with 500 ml water (or milk). The whey won’t stick at the bottom of your shaker if you add water first.
  2. Add Whey & Oats. I use Optimum Nutrition Whey: never clumps & tastes good. Add quick oats.
  3. Shake it. Make sure your shaker doesn’t leak. Close the shaker & shake it hard. Add water if the mixture is too thick.

Add Protein to your shaker

Quick oats. Instant & rolled oats are too thick for shakes unless you grind them.
Fill Protein Shaker with 500ml water

Water first so the whey doesn’t stick at the bottom. Quality whey won’t clump.
Add instant oats to protein shaker

Shake it. Add water if necessary. Put in gym bag. Done.
Shake it, add water if needed, you're done

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