How Much Fat Can You Lose in 1 Month?

Yesterday I posted that you can gain on average 2lb of muscle per month. To understand why I say losing fat is easier and why I recommend you to build muscle first, you need to know how much fat you can lose.

I’m talking about realistic, natural, permanent fat loss numbers. No crash diet, going to the gym 6x per week or being hungry all the time. Realistic fat loss numbers with normal training and normal diet.

The secret to fat loss is eating less calories than your body burns. But if you’re busy like me, you don’t have time to train like Michael Phelps. And that’s OK, but it means you’ll have to eat less calories to lose fat.

A 20% caloric deficit is plenty to lose fat (more isn’t better). So if you weigh 200lbs and have an ESTIMATED maintenance caloric intake of about 3500kcal you should lose fat eating 3000kcal/day.

  • 500kcal x 7 days = 3500 caloric deficit or about 1lb fat loss per week.

Your caloric deficit will actually be bigger because lifting weights burns calories. So 1lb fat loss per week is a very conservative number.

Now compare that to how much muscle you can gain and you’ll understand why losing fat is easier.

  • Muscle gains: 2lb per month on average
  • Fat loss: 4lb per month on average

Fat loss isn’t linear either, so the more fat you lose the slower your fat loss. The difference is that the more training experience you have and the stronger you are, the faster you can lose fat. Why? Because more strength means a higher training intensity and thus more calories burned (and more discipline).

I’ve said before that some people will say that fat loss isn’t as simple as calories in vs. calories out. Well there’s a big reason for that which I’ll reveal tomorrow.

Meanwhile you tell me in the comments why you think some people can’t lose fat although they exercise a lot and eat healthy.

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