Red Meat Causes Cancer: Truth or Myth?

Filipe wonders what the deal is about red meat and cancer….

Hi, I wanted to know your opinion about red meat and cancer since I didn’t see anything in your website regarding this subject. what do you think about that claim?

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Sorry the short question but I know your a busy man and I dont want to wast your time with giant emails .

keep up the good work !

I think this whole red meat causes cancer deal is bullshit spread by vegetarians, vegans and environmentalists meant to rationalize their foolish behavior and to convince us carnivores to be part of their silliness because they feel so lonely and miserable eating radish while we’re enjoying our barbecues.

Don’t misinterpret – I do respect guys who are vegetarian for religious reasons like StrongLifts Member Guru (42y, India). Same thing if you don’t want to eat animals for moral reasons – do as you wish, I don’t care. But scaring people by spreading myths in order to further your own agenda is plain disgusting.

Fact is, you’ll be hardpressed to find studies that truly singled out a single food, in this case red meat. Test subjects will always eat a combination of foods, and it should be obvious that a t-bone steak with spinach is a radically different meal than a t-bone steak with Belgian Fries, mayonnaise and beer.

Similarly, there’s a Grand Canyon sized difference between UNPROCESSED and PROCESSED red meat – t-bone steaks aren’t hot dogs. It shouldn’t be surprising that decades of JUNK FOOD, which everybody knows are filled with nitrates for preservatives, coloring and flavoring, could eventually cause colon cancer.

But none of that applies to you if you do what I’ve been preaching for 4 years: eat whole foods most of the time. Unprocessed meats that come as close as possible to their natural state as possible: sirloin, top round, flank, ground round, etc. These red meats are free of all the nitrates, salts and preservatives present in processed meats, which dramatically reduces risks of colon cancer.

So just keep eating red meat, as long as it’s unprocessed most of the time with plenty of veggies & fruits you’ll be fine. Especially if you lift weights: just Google “weight lifting reduces cancer,” it turns out that guys who gain strength and muscle with StrongLifts 5×5 are 40% less likely to die from cancer…

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