Should You Build Muscle OR Lose Fat First?

2 goals at a time is a bad idea as I’ve explained yesterday. Especially if your goal is to build muscle while losing fat – there’s only 4 cases in which you can do that anyway. Today – what if you want to build muscle AND need to lose fat?

Then build muscle first. And here’s why: a low body fat is useless unless you have muscles to show for. You won’t get 6 pack abs by just lowering your body fat, you need to build those abs first with heavy Squats and Deadlifts.

The only exception is if you’re extremely obese (+25% fat), like my StrongLifts Member Cleave (44, USA) before he lost 82lbs. Then you should focus on fat loss first (strength training + diet). Otherwise, keep in mind:

  • To build muscle you need to gain strength
  • To gain strength you need to recover optimally
  • To recover optimally you must eat enough calories

That’s why you should focus on building muscle first. And that’s also why the best bodybuilders that ever existed always focussed on building muscle first. Actual example follows tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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