18y Old Jake Squats 600 Pounds (Video)

NOTE by Mehdi: StrongLifts Member Jake McMillan (18y, BC Canada, page 187 inside the 5×5 report) increased both his Squat and Deadlift from 135lb to 600lb while gaining 94lb (from 140lb to 234lb body-weight) and in only 2,5 years. Here are the results of his most recent powerlifting meet.


My name is Jake, I’m an 18yo lifter who weighed in at 234 pounds at my recent meet. I’m from BC, Canada, and I lift in Vancouver. I train for both Strongman and Powerlifting, I’m in grade 12 at high school, and I also act believe it or not.

I competed at the BCPA (IPF sanctioned meet) 2011 Winter Open on February 13 and totaled 1500 pounds. I Squatted 600 pounds/272.5kg. I also Deadlifted 600 pounds, and failed at 612/ 278kg. I just had nothing left in me.

I failed my first Bench on technicality, got my second at 300 pounds, missed my third at 315 pounds. Ended up with a 300 pound freaking bench. I probably should have had my first attempt; I had my singlet pulled too high and they assumed I had brought the bar too low onto my abs. It screwed with my mind after that, as I can hit 315 in the gym no problem.


Got what I wanted Sunday, and the minute I set my last deadlift down, I was selected for “random” drug-testing. I had to go upstairs and piss in a cup, which is very uncomfortable as the guy watches over your shoulder. I was actually happy to get tested – clears up any suspicions (being in high school especially, people like to think you’re on.)

I can understand why I was “randomly” chosen to provide a sample though. In the video you’ll see I yell a lot to get pumped for my lifts, not because I’m a jackass. I just went a little bit crazier than usual and got fired up with 5 of my training partners there. I actually apologized to some people and asked if I was yelling too much, but they said they liked it.

The 600 pound squat definitely started out with a good training base, StrongLifts 5×5. I was over halfway there with this training program alone. After that, I gradually moved on to more advanced programs while constantly improving my squat technique and finding out what worked best for me.

Obviously, you don’t get to a 600 squat without gaining some weight. I went from about 140 lbs to 175 lbs while doing StrongLifts 5×5. So I was 140 lbs at most 2.5 years ago, and got to 175 pretty quickly. With a constant regard for eating lots and eating healthy, I’ve made my way to a pretty lean 234 lbs. (I was 240 last week, and met my ultimate goal of 100 pounds gained in high school haha.) Gaining weight is harder than training, and I learned quite a few tips on the StrongLifts blog (especially GOMAD diet) that helped me break a few weight gaining plateaus.

StrongLifts Member Jake before and after he gained 94lb
StrongLifts Member Jake before and after he gained 94lb

My next goals are a 700 pound raw squat and deadlift, and a 385 raw bench. I think these are all achievable in a year, as 500 pounds were nearly my maxes on squat and deadlift 8 months ago. With the right state of mind, and some more weight gain, I think I can meet these goals. And I appreciate the support of you Mehdi, the SL blog, and all other StrongLifts Members for helping me become a stronger lifter.

-StrongLifts Member Jake McMillan


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