What’s Your Story?

Group 1 – guys who tell everyone they do not have time to go to the gym and train. They’re too busy, they work too much, they got a family to take care of.

Group 2 – they just don’t have it in them. They have bad genetics: a skinny build like me, short torso and arms that are just too long. Worse, they also don’t have the self-discipline and motivation that others seem to have.

Group 3 – they’re too old. They wish they started a decade ago when they were still young. After all, they’ve lost a lot of flexibility, maybe they even have injuries and their recovery isn’t like that of the 20-year-olds anymore.

Groups like these, I could give you dozens. And they would all have the exact same thing in common – stories of all the things that these guys can’t do and why, instead of stories of how they plan to accomplish what they truly want.

Frankly, I really get irritated everytime someone starts a sentence with “I can’t”, “I will never” and other variations of the same utter nonsense. Especially when they’re telling me the 512 reasons why they can’t do the exact things that I have done, as if I was different or special. Rarely do I correct them, mostly I just avoid these kind of crabs like the plague because I think they’re bad apples.

This isn’t some positive thinking woo-woo, most guys are just standing in their own way. You’d tape yourself for 24h and you’d be amazed how often you’re talking yourself out of the things you want. If you don’t even believe you can do it, then what do you expect? Napoleon Hill was pretty clear in his book Think & Grow Rich that confidence was one of the crucial keys to success.

Do this – everytime you catch yourself saying some of the crap I listed above, correct yourself. Replace the I can’ts by HOW CAN I?

  • I have no time => I make time
  • I have bad genetics => but I’m persistent
  • I lack flexibility for Squats => but I’m working on it

Change the story you’re telling yourself, and you will automatically change your actions and results. So what’s your story going to be from now on?

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