Why Losing Fat Is Easy

Do you believe losing fat is hard? It’s not. Losing fat is simple mathematics.

The secret to losing fat is creating a caloric deficit by eating less calories OR burning more calories OR both. I’ll get into the details later, but for now: a foolproof method to burn more calories is simply to train at higher intensities.

That’s one of the reason why Lance Armstrong and Michael Phelps can devour over 10.000kcals/day without gaining weight. They’re both training at ultra high intensities. Heck, cyclists average 40km/h during the Tour De France.

Well the guy Deadlifting 400lbs is also training at a higher intensity than the guy who is wiped out from pulling 2 plates. As a result, he’ll burn more calories during his workout (and post-workout – EPOC), but he’ll also be more muscular because muscle size is directly related to strength gains.

Improving your lean body mass by gaining strength will instantly plummet your body fat %. And since muscle is denser than fat, you’ll look more athletic. Most important: lifting weights builds discipline + triggers healthier food choices.

Easy to lose fat when you’re already muscular – simple maths. Building muscle? You need to gain strength for that, and that requires optimal recovery – food. You don’t get optimal recovery for strength and muscle gains on a caloric deficit.

Build muscle first, losing fat is easy. We’ll continue next Monday.

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