How to Gain Weight by Waking Up Early

Yesterday I posted that one of the most important rules for fast weight gain is waking up early. Today I want to tell you why.

The number 1 reason why skinny guys can’t gain weight is that they don’t eat enough. And much of that has to do with their lifestyle. After coaching countless of skinny guys I’ve observed that they usually fit in or across 2 categories…

Maybe you’ve been in a situation where you only have 10mins in the morning to get ready for work. Sometimes you might grab a bagel on your rush to work, but usually it’s nothing until lunch time. Let’s assume you actually have a meal around 10pm and that gets you a 9 hour window to get all your calories in.

How do you expect to gain weight if you only have 9h to eat?

You’ll have to eat 4 big meals of 1125kcal each, every 2 hours, to reach the bare minimum of 4500kcal. And frankly, true “hardgainers” will need 7000kcal/day. Heck, SL Member Ben had peaks of 9000kcal/day to gain 25lbs in 25 days.

Wake up at 7am to eat breakfast and you get a 15h eating window. 3 big meals of 1000kcals and 3 small ones of 500kcals is 4500kcal total. That’s WAY EASIER.

I always get guys dumbfounded with simple strategies like this one. Waking up early is common sense though. And it’s imperative for fast weight gain.