Why You Must Know Your Numbers

Yesterday I told you that one of the biggest fat loss mistake you can make is to THINK that you have a caloric deficit, while you don’t. A huge recipe for failure because to lose fat, you have to eat less calories than your body burns.

Have you noticed what I just wrote? Eat less CALORIES. Some guys think that eating less is enough – it’s not. You may “not eat a lot”, only getting 5 small meals per day, but if they’re all caloric dense then you’ll end up eating MORE calories than your body burns.¬†Compare for yourself:

  • 150g broccoli: less than 50kcal
  • 150g pasta: over 500kcal

And that’s for blank pasta! So you may do that portion control crap that leaves you hungry, but if you don’t have a caloric deficit you won’t lose fat. Eating less is not enough, you have to eat less CALORIES than your body BURNS.

Fat loss is simple mathematics: calories in vs. calories out. That’s why you must know your numbers. How do you figure out these numbers? You tell me in the blog comments, my answer follows tomorrow.

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