Why You Need to Track Everything

Yesterday I talked about the secret to unstoppable motivation – results. Today I want to talk about how to guarantee you actually yield results

One of the very first things I do when I coach somoene, is force him to build the habit of tracking his training and diet daily. Here are some reasons why I do this:

  • No more guess work – we have accurate data to track progress
  • Increased motivation – by looking back at progress as the weeks go by
  • Increased knowledge – we learn what does and does NOT work for him

During my early bodybuilding years I never bothered about tracking training data. I just went to the gym, did the same exercises every week and tried to lift more weight. But I didn’t write anything down. It was a huge mistake.

All that changed when I switched to strength training in late 2004, 1 year after I discovered the 5×5 method through Glenn Pendlay MS. That’s when I started to track every single workout – exercises, sets, reps, weight, feeling. And I’ve been doing that ever since with my training, and then with my private clients.

It only made sense as I was already doing this with my finances – I can show you exactly how much money I earned, spent and saved every single month of the past 7 years, incl. when I was still working for “Corporate Belgium”.

As a small business home based entrepreneur, I can show you every single stat of StrongLifts.com since I started this website in May 2007. I know for example that I’ve reached over 15 million of guys from +187 countries in just 3 years.

I track everything I can, and so do my most accomplished StrongLifts Members Squatting +400lbs. Dave, Jake, Simon, Don and James are just some of the guys keeping training logs inside the StrongLifts Community. They track every workout, put comments, and routinely look back at their past 3-6-12 months of training to discover what worked and didn’t, in order to then plan the next 3 months.

You may not NEED all of that to get results, but you will surely gain from it. Fact is, what gets measured can be improved and positive measurements boost motivation. Start your own log inside the StrongLifts Community if you haven’t already.

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