Woody Allen Says: “80% of Success Is Really About …”

Showing up.

Granted, Woody Allen is a bit of a weirdo, but he’s funny as hell and I like his movies. The guy is also a Machine: he has released a movie every single year for over 20 years. Even now that’s he’s past 75y he continues to. I say respect.

Now I don’t know Woody Allen personally, but I’m sure he’s not always inspired, motivated or in the mood to work. Yet, clearly, he does it – he shows up.

Many guys waste their time worrying about details like best exercise to do X, best program to do Y, and a lot of other stuff that don’t really matter in the end UNLESS you’re hitting the weights consistently in the first place. The way you win this game is by showing up. All the rest is mental masturbation.

Look at your own training journal and tell me: are you REALLY showing up in the gym 80% of the time according to the plan? If not, stop worrying about the details and starting focussing on the big picture: show up.

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