Stronglifts app: Free vs Pro

You can do the full Stronglifts 5×5 workout for free.

Unlock Stronglifts Pro to get even better results. Stronglifts Pro saves you a lot of time and thinking so you can focus more on lifting. Upgrade from Stronglifts – settings – subscription.

Here’s the difference…

Stronglifts 5×5
Auto add weight
Auto deload if fail
Auto deload after break
Rest timer
Progress graphs
History & calendar
Videos main lifts
Apple Watch
Apple Health sync
Google Fit sync
Stronglifts 5×5
assistance work
Stronglifts 5×5
Warmup calculator
Plate calculator
Add exercises
Create exercises
Substitute exercises
Reorder exercises
Add/remove sets
Change reps
Set increment frequency
Set deload frequency
Set deload percentage
Madcow 5×5
Log any program
Create workouts
Create programs
Ramp sets
Top/back off sets
Pyramid sets
Reverse pyramid sets
Drop sets
AMRAP sets
100s of exercise videos
Advanced graphs
Graph volume
Graph est 1 rep max
Graph total reps done
Exercise history

Should you upgrade to Stronglifts Pro?

Of course!

All Stronglifts Pro features were created because Stronglifters like you asked for these features. I built these features because Stronglifters needed them for their training.

Consider two of the most used features:

  • Warmup calculator was created because many people aren’t sure how to warm up before the heavy sets. Some don’t even warm up! I added a calculator that gives you the warmup sequence for every weight.
  • Plate calculator was created to save you math between sets. The weight is different on every warm up set, work set and exercise. Doing all that math during sets can be annoying. The plate calculator does the math for you.

Try Pro 7 days for free

You get a seven day free trial when you sign up for Pro yearly.

That means you can try Stronglifts Pro for free for seven days. If you cancel before day seven, you pay nothing. So just sign up and test all the Pro features. You have nothing to lose.

Many Stronglifters sign up for the free trial, cancel, and then sign up to Pro lifetime instead. You can switch plans after your trial.

Upgrade to Pro Lifetime at 15% off

I know some people don’t like recurring fees. I added a lifetime option for Stronglifts Pro. You pay once for lifetime access to Pro features.

I can give you a 15% discount if you purchase with Paypal. Click the link below to sign up for Pro Lifetime and save 15%:

Here’s what to do after that:

  1. Login from Stronglifts – settings – profile.
  2. Email me back from settings – ask a question.
  3. Include a copy of your Paypal invoice.

We’ll add Stronglifts pro lifetime to your account.

Any questions, email