Contact StrongLifts/Mehdi

StrongLifts App Support
If you have an issue with the StrongLifts app for iPhone or Android, please check out the support site first. I created several FAQs to show you how to use the app, and solve common issues. Go here:

If you can’t find a solution on the support site, or have a suggestions for the app, please contact us. I prefer if you do so from the app so we have your device and account info. We can help you faster this way.

  • iOS – go to settings – about – contact us. You’ll need to install Apple mail.
  • Android – tap the 3 dot menu in the top right corner – tap help – tap email

Personal Advice
If you have questions about training, please take a look at the website first. Most questions I receive are covered on the website. Start here.

If you can’t find your answer, or something isn’t clear, join my daily email tips newsletter. Then reply to one of the emails with your question.

Website Feedback
If you find an error on the website, or have feedback/suggestions, I’d love to hear it. Email me by joining my daily email tips newsletter. Then reply to one of my emails.