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App Support

We’ve created a support site that explains how to use the StrongLifts app. If you have an issue with the app, check it first as it will usually give you a solution. Go here…

If the support site didn’t help you, please contact us as explained on the support website.

Training Advice

I love lifting weights and helping people. But I can’t give you personal advice. Over one million people visit this website each month. Thousands of people use my app and read my emails each day. I’m just one guy – if I replied to every single email, nothing would get done. So I don’t reply.

Instead, I read emails and use them to improve my guides. So if you have a question about training, read through this website again (start here). I bet the answer you’re looking for is already there. If something isn’t clear, suggest how to improve guides by emailing [email protected]

Success Stories

Send your StrongLifts results to [email protected] subject “results”. Include before and after pictures (full body, shirtless, same lightning/angles) and videos of your lifts. Then tell your story:

  • what was your body/life like before you started lifting weights
  • what made you start liftings weights, how did you lift before StrongLifts
  • how did you find StrongLifts, what were you skeptical about, what made you try it
  • results with StrongLifts 5×5, how do you feel today, what do people say
  • lessons you’ve learned, advice you have for other people

I’ll add the best success stories to the result page on this website.

Site Feedback

Feedback, suggestions, something not working, email [email protected] If you want to say thanks, buy StrongLifts Pro in my app, rate it 5 stars and tell your friends about StrongLifts.

No Advertising

I don’t sell advertising space on this website or in my apps. I don’t sell links. I don’t sell my email list. I don’t sell user data. I don’t do link exchanges.

Copyright Notice

All material on this website is copyrighted, and STRONGLIFTS is a registered trademarked. But you can link to this website and apps, and write about StrongLifts on your website.