What If You Had No Access To Water?

Each day I drink at least three liters of water to keep myself hydrated so I get optimal workout recovery.

Meanwhile 800 million people worldwide don’t even have access to clean drinking water.

It’s nuts.

These 800 million people have to walk miles each day to get to the nearest source of water… which is usually a parasite-infested pond.

Worse, most of them can’t even shower.

So they get sick and die every single day.

All of that because they simply don’t have access to clean water unlike we do.

We can do something about it.

In December 2012 I started a campaign for clean water. We raised $10,985 to fund a clean water project in Tigray, Ethiopia (takes about 18 months to be completed).

This time, I want to raise $20,000 to fund a clean water project in Orissa, India.

Every single penny we raise will go to this water project.

There’s not one dime that will go to overhead or similar crap. 100% will go to the water project.

Once this project is complete, charity: water will show us GPS coordinates, photos and other details about the communities we’ve helped.

This means we’ll be able to see the impact we’ve made.

I’m serious about this, and to prove it to you, I’ve personally put $3000 of my own money in this campaign.

I’ll add another $3000 if you help me get this to $10,000.

And I’ll add another $3000 if you help me get this to $20,000.

Why $20,000? Because that will provide clean water to an ENTIRE community in Orissa, India.

Help me reach my goal. Join me by donating. Any amount helps, even $5.

Click here to donate $5