How I Lost 20kg Fat & Gained 10kg Muscles in 10 Months

Sperwer posted his success story in reply to 3 Months Later. I found it so inspiring, I decided to make a post about it. Here it is.

“I started strength training 10 months ago. At 1m92, I weighed 110kg / 245lbs with 27% body fat. My cholesterol was out of control & I had the aerobic endurance of a sloth.

One day I looked in the mirror while getting dressed. I realized I was sitting down because I could no longer put on my trousers standing up. I didn’t have the flexibility, strength & balance to do so. This was sobering. Until 5 years ago I always had been more athletic than the average bloke and still had imagined myself, Walter Mitty-like it turns out, to be relatively fit.

So at the age of 55+, I set a goal of “Abs @ 56″³ using a routine similar to your StrongLifts 5×5.

I work out every other day, alternating the Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Overhead Press & Bent-Over Barbell Row. I apply progressive loading, systematically increasing the weight. I do weighted back extensions & ab work because of pre-existing sciatic problems resulting from a weak lower back.

This was brutal & very difficult in the beginning. Not least because of the hit to my pride resulting from the low poundages to which I was reduced in order to get through the routines. In the beginning, any given workout also usually left me utterly knackered. I’d have enough residual pump to get home, where I would generally all but pass out for an hour.

But it’s paid off. I’m now squatting and deadlifting 130kg for 12 reps and benching 75kg. I’ve started doing dips and pullups. I’ve lost 20 kg fat and gained 10 kg muscle in 10 months. I knocked my body fat down from 27% to 11%. I’ve lost three inches from my waist and put three inches on my chest and arms.

Apropos my goal, I chuffed to say I have a discernible six pack. And I now leave the gym energized instead of exhausted. In fact, if I work out in the evening I have a hard time getting to sleep because of increased levels of testosterone and HGF that the blood work from a recent physical exam indicates my body is producing.

This is as close to the fountain of youth as it gets, I think.”

You Can Change If You Want To.
Nobody but Sperwer can tell us what he felt the day he looked in the mirror, seeing himself putting his trousers on while sitting. But I imagine it must have been a feeling strong enough to push him towards action. Strong enough to get him these results in 10 months:

  • 130kg squat & deadlift for 12 reps
  • 20kg fat lost
  • 10kg muscle gained
  • 11% body fat
  • Six pack
  • Etc

All of this at the age of 55.

Don’t Make Excuses.
You don’t like how you are now, do something about it. Nobody says it will be easy. It will probably be hard. But think at what you want. And especially at what you don’t want: your current situation.

If Sperwer can do it at 55 in 10 months, so can you. It’s all about attitude. About being fed up with how you are now. About being determined to change, to never be the same again.

Great story by Sperwer. If you got a similar story, post them in the comments or using the contact form. I want to know about it. And Sperwer: thanks again for sharing. You’re an inspiration to all of us.

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