Who Else Wants To Improve His Power Clean Technique?

Power Clean MehdiThe Power Clean is the best exercise to develop power. What is power? The ability to explode, to accelerate. Whatever sport you practice: you need power.

If you’re into strength training, developing power will help you build strength. By moving the weight faster, you can go past your sticky point.

The power clean is a very technical lift. These 5 tips will help you improve your Power Clean technique.

1. Keep Your Arms Straight
. The Power Clean is a jump & shrug movement, not an Upright Row. Trying to pull the weight by bending your arms is:

  • Inefficient. Arms must be straight for maximal power transfer.
  • Dangerous. You could tear your biceps

Pull from the floor with your arms straight. You can achieve this best by using a hook grip. This allows for a secure grip while keeping the forearms, biceps & triceps relaxed.

2. Pull Slow From The Floor, Fast At The Top
. Jerking the weight from the floor leads to incorrect technique higher in the pull.

  • Pull slow from the floor, don’t jerk it.
  • Accelerate the movement as the bar goes higher.
  • Explode once the bar reaches above mid-thigh level.

3. Keep The Bar Close To You
. Keep the bar in contact with your thighs at all time before initiating the jump. Once the bar comes above mid-thigh level: jump. Put your chest forward & try to touch your shirt on the way up.

4. Stomp The floor
. Stomp the floor after jumping. Stomp it hard. Through practice the racking of the bar will coincide with the stomp. The faster you stomp, the faster you’ll pull the weight up. Which means more power.

5. Rack With The Elbows High
. Correct rack position permits you to support heavy weight. Correct rack position has:

  • elbows straight forward
  • upperarm nearly parallel with the floor

Do some triceps stretches & wrist stretches if you have trouble reaching this position.

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