A Winner Never Quits and a Quitter Never Wins

Winners Never Quit
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Reader Randy Hunt replied to what would you do if this happened to you?

There are only two options – either give up and accept it, or push, push, push until you overcome it. That’s really what strength training is about anyway. Every day is a mental challenge as much (or even more so) as it is a physical challenge.

Thomas Jefferson once said, “a strong body makes the mind strong.” But the concept is much older than him, and has been said throughout history.

Moreover, the principle of overcoming adversity is the single most important factor in success. You find the theme repeated throughout history by all the most successful people, and it’s really driven home in the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Winners never quit. Quitters never win. The choice is simple.

Which condition do you have to master before you can get successful?


Napoleon Hill experienced poverty before becoming rich. Lance Armstrong had cancer before winning the Tour de France 7 times. Steve Jobs made Apple big 10 years after getting fired out of Apple.

Napoleon Hill spends a whole chapter in the Law of Success about failure and the 7 failures he experienced before becoming successful.

Every failure will teach you a lesson that you need to learn if you will keep your eyes and ears open and be willing to be taught. Every adversity is usually a blessing in disguise. Without reverses and temporary defeat, you would never know the sort of metal of which you are made. – Napoleon Hill, The Law of Success.

You would never know the sort of metal of which you are made. Winners know failure is temporary. Winners know increasing your failure rate increases your success rate. Winners know the only answer to failure is persistence.

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