An Unusual Way to Lose Fat

Last Wednesday I showed you how to gain weight by waking up early. Today I want to talk about how waking up early can benefit losing fat.

What’s the most important thing for fat loss? Diet –  most guys don’t have the time to burn significant calories through exercise so you will have to eat less to achieve a caloric deficit. Note that you do need to build muscle first (training).

The challenge is that most prepacked foods have misleading labels and contain hidden calories. It keeps amazing me how some guys will eat an organic donut, not understanding that a donut remains a donut – friggin’ junk.

The only way around is to eat whole foods 90% of the time and cook your own meals like my SL Diet advises. But since you probably don’t have the time to cook several times a day (I sure don’t), you’ll have to batch cook your meals.

Now what’s the best time to cook your food?

Every productivity book will tell you the secret to getting things done is to do the most important thing first thing in the morning. Here’s why: the more you procrastinate, the less likely you are to get it done. Add that most guys just don’t have the patience to cook after a rough day at work.

That’s why you have to wake up early. In fact, when I was still employed and commuting 2h/day, I cooked my food for work every single morning. During those 5 years I was still living at my parent’s place, and it bothered the hell out of them and my brothers (not my dog somehow) to wake up every morning with the smell of my eggs cooking. But I assure you it got me the body I wanted.

You will say – “but Mehdi, I hate waking up early!” And I will ask you, once again, what do you hate most? Waking up early OR staying fat? Smart guys they give this a 30-day trial before making a bunch of excuses.

There’s another way waking up early benefits fat loss, but that’s for tomorrow.

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